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The Bay Area's Only Complete One Stop Break Room Supply & Management Company, and at Unbeatable Prices!

What We Do

@Work Services provides more services than any other company. When you source your needs to us, our break room management program, at cost products and nominal service fee can save your company a substantial amount of money, time and manpower. We manage all stock approved by you with a comprehensive and customized service - no need for inventory, receiving, stocking or order processing.

We offer state-of-the-art equipment, the finest in coffee selection, break room supplies, water systems, vending, beverage service, baked goods, fresh fruit, catering and restaurant delivery. These services feature Costco, Whole Foods, Safeway, Trader Joe's, Purlogix, Newco and Nespresso, just to name a few. And setup is always free with any of our services.

Being a business owner, or office manager, one of your responsibilities is taking care of your employees. You want them to be happy from the moment they start work to long after they go home for the night. Satisfied employees perform better, and when they perform better, business is more successful. A great way to do this is by a fulfilling and rewarding break room experience.

@Work Services has been serving the Silicon Valley since 1995, and our selections and services are second to none. Join our group of satisfied clients, like HP, IBM and Intel.

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