Industrial Services should also contribute to the saving in costs of labour, cleaning material and equipment, furnishings and the like in every type of establishment. Goods-producing industries are agriculture, mining, manufacturing, and construction many more services.

Housekeeping Service

  • Plant, cabins, offices, shop, and ware house cleaning.
  • Dry and wet cleaning of floor, machinery and equipment
  • Glass cleaning
  • Dusting and cobweb cleaning
  • Scrubbing with auto scrubbing machine
  • Manual scrubbing
  • Oil and oil spillage cleaning
  • Dust and litter collection
  • Wash area and pantry cleaning

Security Services

  • We provide well-trained, trust worthy and smart-working security guards.
  • We provide the camera installation service for close observation on your premises round the clock.

Pest Control Services

General Pest Control

this involves spraying the entire premises and surrounding areas with special reference to bathroom, kitchen, pantries, drainage, sewers, toilets & other vulnerable areas. This service will cover pests like cockroaches, flies, silverfish & certain extent flies and mosquitoes.

Termite Control

There are two types of services

  • Pre Construction Termite Management Services.
  • Post Construction Anti Termite treatment

Rodent Control.

Being a mammal, rats are very intelligent and highly adaptable creatures. Rodent control or rat control is always a tough and challenging activity. And our well-trained team are ready to take that challenge and fulfil the task until completion.